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Rotor Blades Repair


Tex-Air Parts International provides a wide range of repairs to Main and Tail Rotor blades. We specialize in repairs that put a damaged blade safely back in the air. Some of the repairs we do are:

1. Leading edge abrasion strip replacement.

2. Composite and metal skin repairs.

3. Double repairs.

4. Full chord skin repairs.

5. Body core repairs.

6. Tip cap replacement-repair.

7. Trailing edge repairs.

8. Non-destructive testing.

9. Replacement of damaged parts.

10. Refinishing and static balancing.

The following is our capability list for Main and Tail Rotor blades:

Airbus Helicopter models: BO-105, BK-117 Series, AS 315 Lama, Alouette, AS350B2, B3
Bell Helicopter models: 47, 204,UH-1, 205, 206, 212, 222, 214, 407, 412 serie, UH-1H, and B model, 206 series, OH-58.
Hiller Fairchild models: I2 series.
MD Helicopter models: 369 & 500 series.
Robinson models: R-22, R-44, R-66.
Schweiser models: 269, S-333 series.
Sikorsky Helicopter models: S58, S61, S64,CH53, CH-54 series, H-3 Series.UH-60, S-55, H-19, H-34 & H-37.
Carson Helicopters Inc., model S-61 (main rotor blade).